Layers / Texturing

I have been inspired to work on a certain editing method called Layering or Texturing. This is the process where you work with a photograph or most of the time, multiple photographs in seperate layers. With this effect you can create unique and unusal photographs and most of the times, fine works of art. Dave Linscheid is a flickr contact of mine who has given me great inspiration to better myself at working on this technique.

Sometimes the Layer can be a subtle hint as in Textured Cowboys. This subtly gives the photograph the feel that is has been printed on canvas. Texturing can also be as harsh as Horseless Carriage. This texturing was done to give a feel of an old photo that has survived much hardships in order to still tell us its story.

Sometimes I will be walking along and decide to take a photograph of some odd or unusuall thing that I have been asked numerous times of “What Are You Doing?” or “Why would you want a picture of that?”. When I am doing that, I am seeing a pattern or a texture that I feel may come in handy to use at some other time to combine with another photograph in order to give it a unique feel to it.

But all of this is in order to get that great photograph with a magical feel to it…


~ by polywog on April 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Layers / Texturing”

  1. I LOVE to do this too! It has been a while, thanks for giving me the motivation to do it again!

  2. Your very welcome Mindy and if you need any help, just hollar. Or if you would like any textures, you are welcome to use some of mine also.

  3. Thanks!!

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