My Children


The Hoodlum

The Hoodlum

One of the first family portraits I looked at was of a family in an abandoned building with graffitti. I was really impressed with that type of background and how the photographs turned out. One Saturday after watching my daughter’s soccer game and my son’s football game, I took them out for a photoshoot and decided to try this type of background.

Attack of the B

Attack of the B

I would have to say that this was one of the easiest shoots I have done yet. Maybe it was because of the subjects being my kids. I believe it was because there was so much there, that we could let our imaginations run and come up with so many different posses, scenarios and possibilities, that we really just had a great time. The creativity just

Tough Love

Tough Love

flowed from all of us at this shoot. Many great portraits came out of this session.



One of my favorite photographs from this session is “Angelic”. I love how her eyes are sooo full of life and that they just “pop” right out at you.


~ by polywog on November 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Children”

  1. this is such a great set of photos. glad you were able to hit it before the building is torn down. the temple of the bird sure has a great feel to all the photos take there and your is no exception. well done.

  2. I am shocked at how old these two have suddenly become!! I would have to agree as to the awesomeness of this shoot.. great background and excellent subjects to work with!

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