Fireworks: Then & Now

Firework 2007

In 2007, we went camping on the 4th of July to get away from the crowds of the city. I was able to find out that Huntsville, Utah shot off their fireworks right next to Pineview Damn. What better place to camp than at Anderson Cove Campgrounds which sit right across the lake from Huntsville. I was excited to be able to see the fireworks lit over the lake. Another thing occurred to me was that this would be an excellent photo opportunity. I set up my tripod and shot away throughout the whole show. I thought some of them turned out rather nice, some did not. It was a great experience. 

 Firework 2009

This year we were able to revisit this same outing. One thing has changed since then, my involvement with flickr and the many contacts I have. It is such a wonderful community of photographers who are willing to help each other grow and learn. My knowledge of photography has grown tremendously and is still growing. My photos this year are no where near perfection, but I can see the improvement they do have. This year I knew what settings work best with the fireworks. I used a remote switch, so didn’t have the camera shake. I know next time to work on the focus aspect a little more.



The End of the DayOne of the groups I belong to is Photowalking Utah. The members of this group are extremely awesome. We have members who set up class and teach whoever wants to show up. During the walks, you can constantly see the professionals walking with the hobbyist and giving them pointers. I am constantly writing emails to these guys and asking my own questions. They are always so willing to help out. Life is filled with learning, but it is a treat when you learn about what you enjoy doing.


Here are some links for tips about shooting fireworks:

Digital Photography School

Nicolesy Photography Tips


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